Suvie Vs Brava: Which Oven Is Better?

The Suvie Kitchen Robot 2.0 and the Brava oven are both smart countertop ovens. Both have a lot more functions than simply cooking or baking food. So which one is better? 

The Suvie Kitchen Robot 2.0 has more functions than the Brava. It can sous-vide food, for example, and make coffee. And it can refrigerate your food until it needs to be cooked. Suvie also offers the option of ordering smart meals. But the Suvie is only available on pre-order and can take months to reach you. 

In this blog post, I discuss the pros and cons of both the Suvie Kitchen Robot 2.0 and the Brava oven. Both ovens have incredible technology. But depending on your needs, one may be more suited to your home. Keep reading to make the right choice. 

What Is A Smart Oven?

You can connect a smart oven to your phone or another device and control it remotely. You can use an app to turn your smart oven on or off. Smart ovens also have programs for specific dishes. So the oven knows how long to cook different foods at specific temperatures. Some brands have even more cool features. 

Some smart ovens can be integrated with a smart speaker or home assistant. So if you want to turn the oven off while your hands are dirty, you can use voice-command. 

Before comparing the Suvie and Brava, I want to mention that both ovens come with a 100 day free trial period. This might make the choice to buy an oven easier, especially because both ovens are not cheap. 

8 Differences Between A Suvie And A Brava

1. You Only Need One Brava Machine. 

There are three different Brava tiers when shopping. But all three tiers include the Brava oven. The higher tiers just have more accessories included. 

With the Suvie offering, the most basic package only includes the Suvie Kitchen Robot. This oven can cook proteins and vegetables. If you want to cook starches, you will have to get a more advanced package. This includes the Suvie Starch Cooker. 

The Suvie Kitchen Robot and the Starch Cooker communicate with each other. This ensures that all foods are ready at the same time. 

I have compared the pricing packages of both brands later in this article. 

2. The Suvie Can Refrigerate Your Food Until It Is Ready To Cook.

Brava uses some pretty cool technology to cook food. It uses light energy from six light bulbs, which can be set independently. This allows the Brava to cook different foods on one tray at the same time. 

The Suvie function takes it one notch higher though. It uses water in a chamber to cook the food. And the best thing about this is that it can also refrigerate your food. This is the Cool-To-Cook function. 

In other words, you can place your food into the Suvie in the evening and go to work the next day. When you get home, a ready-cooked meal will be waiting for you. 

If your mornings are crazy, this is an ideal solution. 

3. The Suvie Has More Cooking Functions. 

The Brava already has a lot of cooking functions. It can replace many other appliances in your kitchen. It can air fry, slow cook, roast, bake, boil, broil, toast, and more. 

The Suvie can do all these and more. It can sous vide proteins. You can even make coffee with the Starch Cooker. This replaces another appliance in your kitchen. 

The Suvie can also cook ingredients from frozen using the Cook Now function. The Brava is programmed to cook food starting at room temperature. 

4. Suvie Offers Smart Meal Subscription Options. 

You can place all your food into a Brava oven and have it cooked perfectly quite easily. But once again, Suvie takes convenience to a new level. The brand offers Suvie Smart Meal subscriptions, where you order your meals online. They arrive ready to be cooked, along with a meal card. The Suvie Kitchen Robot has a scanner on it that can scan a code on the meal card, letting the oven know what it is cooking. 

This takes smart cooking to a whole new level! 

The Smart Meals are quite expensive. This stops many people from always using this service. They choose to buy and prepare their ingredients when they have the time. They only buy Smart Meals when they are very busy. 

5. The Brava App Is Much Better Developed.

The Brava app has excellent reviews on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. 

It includes many recipes. This allows you to cook a variety of foods without turning to a cookbook, Google, or Pinterest. 

I have not been able to find the Suvie app at all. It seems that the app is still being developed at the time of publishing. 

This app would be really practical. It would let you control your Suvie remotely. For example, if you are going to be home later than expected, you can use the app to set your Suvie to start cooking later. 

So even though the Suvie promises to be an amazing smart oven, the app does not seem to deliver yet. The product is still in the early stages though, and I am sure that they will bring out the app soon. 

Note that if you want to roast, bake or broil your food, you will not be able to turn this on with the Suvie app. These functions need to be switched on on the machine. 

Suvie has, however, brought out the Recette blog. You can find thousands of recipes here. So at least you don’t need the app for those. 

6. The Brava Has A Camera Inside The Oven. 

Speaking of apps, the Brava app lets you look inside your oven using your phone! 

You can of course use this to watch your food cook, but this loses its novelty rather quickly. 

But it is a useful feature if you want to check on your food without getting up from in front of the TV, for example. You can use the camera to see if your food looks done. 

The Suvie does not have such a feature. 

7. The Suvie Is Larger Than the Brava. 

Firstly, you should know that both the Suvie and the Brava will take up a significant amount of space on your kitchen counter. If you replace your other kitchen appliances with one of these ovens, this might work out well for you. But if you have a tiny kitchen, you might consider another option. 

You might also think that you want to store your countertop oven in a cupboard and only take it out when you need it. But you are likely to change your mind once you try to lift one of these. 

Both ovens are very heavy. The Brava oven weighs 34 pounds. The Suvie Kitchen Robot weighs 55 pounds, with another 25 pounds for the Starch Cooker. 

The Kitchen Robot is 13” wide and 16.75” high. Compared to the Brava oven (11.3” high and 17.3” wide), this is fairly similar. But if you add the Suvie Starch Cooker as well (11” wide and 16” high), the Suvie system is a lot bigger. 

So if you have a tiny kitchen counter space, the Brava is a better option. 

You should also consider the space above your oven. The Brava requires at least 4” of space above it for proper ventilation. The Suvie only requires 1” above it. But the Suvie is already much higher than the Brava. So this makes little difference when considering hanging kitchen cabinets. 

The Brava has an interior cooking chamber space of 0.6-cubic feet. You can use 2 trays at the same time. 

The Suvie Kitchen Robot has 2 zones which are only 0.06-cubic foot each. The Starch Cooker has an additional volume of 0.1-cubic foot. 

Both ovens can prepare a meal for 4 adults, or 2 adults and 3 children. 

8. The Suvie Is Cheaper, But The Brava Will Reach You Faster. 

When you order your Brava oven, it reaches you in a few days. Stock is ready to ship. 

The Suvie is, at the time of publishing, only available on pre-order. This means it can take from 9-11 weeks to reach you. And several people have said it has taken much longer. 

So if you want to buy an oven quickly, the Brava is for you. 

But if you are willing to wait for your oven, and want to save some money along the way, seriously consider the Suvie. 

At the time of publishing, the Suvie is being sold at a significantly reduced price (up to 50% off) because it is still on pre-order. 

As I mentioned above, both brands sell their ovens in three packages. I have compared the packages of both brands in the table below. 

 Cheapest packageIntermediate packageMost expensive package
SuvieSuvie Kitchen Robot   Includes: Dual-Zone Cooker Vegetable Pan Protein Pan Roasting Racks   Cost: $800 ($399 on pre-order)   Note that for this special, you need to purchase 2 Smart Meal Boxes in 6 monthsThe Suvie System   Includes: Dual-Zone Cooker Starch Cooker for Starches 4 x 15% OFF Meal Coupons Vegetable Pan Protein Pan Roasting Racks Rice, Pasta & Strainer Pot Set   Cost: $1200 ($699 on pre-order)The Chef’s Package   Includes: Dual-Zone Cooker Starch Cooker for Starches 8 x 15% OFF Meal 2 x Vegetable Pan 2 x Protein Pan 2 x Roasting Racks 2x Rice, Pasta & Strainer Pot Set 1 Egg Tray 1 Pan Grabber 1 Oven Mitt   Cost: $1400 ($899 on pre-order)
BravaStarter Set   The Brava TempSensor 1 x Glass Tray 1 x Metal Tray   Cost: $1295  Bake & Breakfast   The Brava TempSensor 2 x Glass Tray 2 x Metal Tray Muffin Tin Square Pan Loaf Pan Egg Tray   Cost: $1495  Chef’s Choice   The Brava TempSensor 2 x Glass Tray 2 x Metal Tray Muffin Tin Square Pan Loaf Pan Egg Tray Chef’s Pan   Cost: $1695  

Also, note that both brands offer a monthly payment plan option. 

Home Streamliner’s Take

If you want a smart countertop oven now, go for the Brava. It has good reviews, the app works very well, and you are bound to be very happy. 

But if you love techy appliances with cool features, and are willing to wait? Then I definitely recommend ordering the Suvie Kitchen Robot. Especially if the pre-order special is still on. For what you are getting, that is an amazing price. And because the Suvie is still in the beginning stages of production, you will be one of the first to own one. 

The fact that it can refrigerate your food until it needs to be cooked takes smart cooking to a whole new level!



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