Are Video Doorbells Easy to Steal? Best Ways To Secure Them

The age of online shopping has dawned on us and the home shopping world has exploded. This will, in its nature, have repercussions of people taking advantage by stealing home door deliveries. It has led to video doorbells and similar popular devices being stolen as well. This has led me to the question: Are video doorbells easy to steal?

Video doorbells can be easy to steal if the right tools are used, but many are getting more secure with optional security mounts as an add-on. Many thieves know where the security screws are and can get away with the devices within 30 seconds. A few video doorbells will give way under the right amount of force.

In this article, we delve deeper to find out what exactly the problem could be. We found quite a few interesting facts during our research. Keep reading to find the helpful information!

What is the best way to secure a Video Doorbell? What should I do?

Any additional safety features will deter robbers from stealing your video doorbell. Thieves are usually in a hurry and want to get the job done as quickly as possible. Anything that will slow down the process or hinder them from even trying will be of great benefit to you.

In most cases, it depends on how desperate the thieves are, how much time they have, and which tools they have at their disposal.

  • You can add a security camera that is visible to passers-by. You can even go so far as to point out (to potential thieves) that there’s additional security utilizing placing clear signage on your doorstep wall.
  • If your camera is connected to an ethernet cable you can try to use an ethernet cable lock. Although the cable can easily be cut after the device has been removed from the wall, it will still offer some resistance and you might still have your video doorbell.
  • You can also go the DIY route and build custom steel housing that still looks good. The better idea might be to go with someone you know or the local DIY guy to weld together a professional casing. Send him the dimensions of the unit and ask him to allow for proper big bolts to be fastened in the walls.
  • Many devices have the capability of detecting that someone is at your door. This will in turn prompt notification to you. In response, you can communicate directly to the person standing on your porch, letting them know that you’re aware of their presence.
Many video doorbell frames have this kind of design “flaw”, which unfortunately can easily be taken advantage of.

Why would people want to steal Video Doorbells in the first place?

The popularity and high prices of these devices cause great demand among consumers. This demand causes thieves to steal them to make a quick buck. At the beginning stages of this tech, many perpetrators didn’t know what the capabilities of these doorbells were. The crime stats have gone down over the years because of thieves being exposed from them being caught in the act.

How much are Smart Doorbells Worth? Are the prices dropping?

The best quality products are relatively expensive, but a wide variety of products and needs exist. More and more people are getting video doorbells as a security measure and as a result, the devices are getting more popular.

With the high demand comes higher prices and therefore a higher risk of these devices being stolen. Luckily, many more companies are now producing highly advanced products and the resulting competition is lowering the average price.

Once more people buy these devices, they will be less likely to get stolen because the demand on the black market will eventually fall. It is an unfortunate fact that most new technologies have a high rate of theft at the beginning stages; generally, the more any technology is adopted, the more the crime stats associated with the products fall.

Which Smart Doorbell is the most secure?

Only a few products in the market are tamper-resistant or have tamper-proof covers. The products that do have these features offer an added layer of protection against theft but aren’t 100% theft-proof.

The tamper detection on the Arlo Doorbell lets you know via push notification once the device is disconnected from the power source. The Ring Doorbell offers tamper-proof covers for select models which use a unique locking mechanism to hinder people from swiping the device. 

Which anti-theft devices are the best quality?

The Wasserstein Anti-Theft Security Mount is compatible with the Arlo Video Doorbell. The mount is highly rated and can also serve as a tamper-proof cover that is useful against scratches, dust, and harsh weather elements. It adds an extra layer of protection with a hexagonal screw to secure the mount.

Which Video Doorbells get stolen the most?

Does it correlate with popularity or quality?

Based on our research, a general assumption is that the Ring Doorbell gets stolen the most. This may also be the case due to the popularity of the product.

Can a Video doorbell be tracked and traced?

Unfortunately, video doorbells that can be traced or tracked once they are stolen do not exist.

Do Smart Doorbells add any protection value?

They do have a great protection value and many features that might not seem obvious at first glance. It is a fantastic way for you to have a watchful eye on your home and you can even communicate with your kids once they come back from school.

Of course, you can also use a smart doorbell to communicate with the delivery guy when he comes to drop off an Amazon parcel.

The cameras inside these devices will not only record when movement from people is detected in front of them but also on the street. As more and more people get these devices, communities could act as a neighborhood watchdog by recording and monitoring activities on the streets.

It could, and has already, assisted with many police investigations and could result in lower crime statistics. This could become one of the greatest incentives for mass adoption and the current popularity of the devices might also explain the relatively high number of thefts.

Which Video Doorbell do I need?

Which one is right for me?

As with most products it usually depends on your needs and how much you’re willing to spend. But when it comes to video doorbell security you would typically look at features such as the following:

  • Picture/Video quality
  • Video cloud storage capabilities
  • Extra Security and anti-theft features and tamper resistance
  • Software ease-of-use
  • Warranty
  • Cost
  • Voice assistant compatibility
  • Video angle (in degrees)
  • Digital Zoom
  • Recorded messages
  • Night vision quality
  • Motion alert capabilities

When it comes to the most bang-for-your-buck we would recommend the Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera because it ticks most of these boxes.

When looking for the best overall security features we would go with the Arlo AVD2001-100NAS Essential Video Doorbell together with the Wasserstein Anti-Theft Security Mount Video Doorbell – Tamper-proof Cover.

Conclusion and what does the future hold?

Many video doorbells are becoming more contactless to reduce the spread of viruses. This is a very good incentive in my opinion, as it eliminates the need to press a button on the device and will also result in longer-lasting products.

Many experts in the industry have predicted that there will be a massive increase in the value of video doorbell cameras, which might come at the expense of conventional security cameras. It is a popular opinion that they will take over the security market in the foreseeable future.

The popularity might cause more thefts, but it also results in good competition, which causes the prices to drop. The only question to ask is if we are over the Theft vs Price/Popularity curve – and we believe that we are 😊. 

Are Video Doorbells Secure?

Video Doorbells do have their risks and drawbacks, especially when it comes to online security. There are increased concerns about privacy and the ease at which certain devices can be hacked. However, the technology and the companies are improving rapidly. 

Can a stolen ring doorbell be used?

Many of these devices will only work when actively connected to a doorbell. Once stolen, the parts are sold to third parties. Some thieves may use the parts for their own constructions.

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