8 Best Smart Lights For Studying – (Interesting Study)

Like other smart technology pieces, smart lights have become more popular due to their convenience and simplicity. Many people tend to use smart lights for decoration, but some are starting to use them to study and get work done.

Smart lights can help with studying because they provide varying levels of warmth and brightness. Some of the top products include LIFX, Phillips LED, and Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED Multicolor. These can improve focus and reduce eye strain.

Smart lights have the potential to boost your studying effectiveness if you know how to use them and which ones to look for.

Before you buy, consider where you are going to place a smart light, what price range you would prefer, and what lighting you study best in. It is also important to consider where a lamp will be placed before you are buying it. Think about the price and features you will use while studying so you don’t overpay for something unnecessary.

How to Choose the Best Smart Lights For Studying

There are multiple factors that go into making specific smart lights the best for your study sessions. Some things you should take a look at include what kind of light it is designed to be, what features are included with it, and the upfront price as well as how much it will cost you for the energy it consumes in your home. Now, let’s take a deeper look into each one.

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The first thing you’ll want to take a look at when choosing the best smart lights for your study sessions is the design. 

There are quite a lot of different designs for smart lights currently on the market, but the best one for you depends on what your study space is like. 

Let’s go over some of the designs and what students would benefit from their use in studying.

Smart Light Bulbs

The most common form of smart lights are smart light bulbs, so any light fixture in your room that could hold a normal light bulb can also use a smart light bulb. This design is great because you can utilize your smart lights outside of studying as well.

Candelabra Smart Light Bulbs

Then, there are the candelabra smart light bulbs that are made for small desk lamps and candle fixtures. This design is excellent if you have a flexible desk lamp because you would be able to alter the direction and angle of the light on top of changing its brightness and color, allowing you to study more effectively. However, a rigid desk lamp can still work with smart light bulbs as well.

Smart Light Bars

If you don’t have a lamp but are looking for a smart light that can function as one, then the bar design would be best for you.

Smart light bars can be mounted or can stand up wherever you want them to with stands, so you can have an overhead light for your study space or an ambient one.

Smart Light LED Strips

In addition to bulbs and bars, smart lights can also take the form of LED strips, which are quite popular among students. LED strips are usually set in a permanent place, but you can have more varied lighting scenarios.

This design of smart lights is great for studying because they provide a bright enough light to help you focus on your work.

Smart String Lights

Similar to the smart light LED strips, smart string lights come in a long rope that is wound up. However, with this design, you are able to freely hang them, take them down, and move them as you please.

This option of smart lights is excellent for studying if you want your environment to be more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, these can double as holiday decorations!

We’ve gone over some of the different designs for smart lights. Now, let’s move on to their features.


Another important aspect when choosing the best smart lights for studying is what features it comes with.

Things like changing the brightness, color temperature, and color shades are what you’ll want to look for in a smart light’s features.

Dim lighting conditions can negatively impact you, but it’s also important to make sure that your light is not too bright as that can also harm your eyes.

Also, an extra feature that could help improve your studying would be changing the color of the light. For these reasons, you’ll want to get a smart light with a multitude of adjustable features.


The last crucial element that you need to consider when choosing the best smart lights for studying is the price, but we also should emphasize the energy consumption factor because that can play a huge role in the price long-term. 

Students may not have a lot of money, so they might want to find something inexpensive. However, because they have minimal power consumption, you should be able to make up the expense in the long run.

Remember to consider the three mentioned factors when choosing smart lights for studying to ensure you will purchase the best one for you.

The Best Smart Lights For Studying
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The 8 Best Smart Lights For Studying

We now know what we need to look for in a smart light. In this section, we will go over seven different designs of smart lights with a multitude of features so you can determine which one would be the best for your study space.

Philips LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit

This smart light is more on the expensive side, but its price reflects its set of features that make it a great choice for studying with. 

The bulbs are dimmable which is great for versatility and for your eye health. What makes it considered one of the best smart lights out there is the amount of features that its app provides.

It has a lot of automation settings, which again provides great versatility, and it also has a lot of manual adjustments that would be very useful for many people.

Additionally, this smart lights set comes with a two-year warranty, so you won’t have to worry about spending all that money again on purchasing a new device if it breaks or the wires become faulty.


  • Needs a hub
  • Lifetime of 25,000 hours
  • 800 lumens of brightness
  • 10 watts of power consumption
  • A19 bulb type
  • Price of $130

It also has a wide array of colors, which makes it very useful for studying in different situations. You can set up the desired color combination you want and adjust the brightness to the appropriate level.

LIFX Mini Smart Light Bulb

This is another model that is relatively expensive when compared to other types of smart lights. However, it does have a much longer lifespan, and relative to its power consumption, it can get really bright.

It has a lot of automation options, but the bulb itself is smaller than other similar smart lights which can fit into a desk lamp nicely.


  • Doesn’t need a hub
  • Lifetime of 200,000 hours
  • 650 to 800 lumens of brightness
  • 9 to 11 watts of power consumption
  • A19 bulb type
  • Price of $15

What makes it great for studying is its variable lighting features, most notably the brightness and power consumption. You have the ability to lower the lumens for your bulb, but it still has the capability to get very bright, and you change the power consumption to fit your needs.

The great set of automation features also makes it very versatile as well.

The smart light also uses different lights and degrees of color. Each light can change colors and its lights can sync up when you are listening to music and provide an immersive experience.

You can even program these smart lights to turn off and on during specific times of the day. This light can be programmed by Alexa and will respond to voice commands. It is easy to use the controls and automatic lighting. This type of lighting is a great option for studying because it gives you plenty of control over the light.

Philips LED Smart Light Strip

This is a smart light LED strip, meaning that it can orient in various ways to work best for you. You’re not confined to traditional bulb fixtures, and what’s even better is that it comes with 40 inch extensions, so you can create more designs.

What’s amazing is that the lights can become very bright, and it also has a wide range of color options. 


  • Needs a hub
  • Lifetime of 20,000 hours
  • 1600 lumens of brightness
  • 20 watts of power consumption
  • Price of $85

All of these features contribute to a great smart light that would work very well for studying. You lose out on some automation features, but you can still create many types of lighting situations due to its brightness and range of colors.

Twinkly App-Controlled LED String Lights

This is another smart LED strip that will let you orient them in whatever position and direction that you want. What separates this light strip from the others is the amount of multicolor RGB lights that it has; this specific model comes with up to 600 RGB LEDs which makes it about157 feet long.


  • 4.3mm diffused lens LED
  • Has a green electric wire
  • 3 inches of wire between each light

In addition to its immense length and color options, it’s also great for studying because the LEDs in this strip are made with a flat head design, which means it can intensify the lighting effects.

Another great benefit is that you can synchronize this smart light device with other similar smart light devices which would give you even more control of your lighting conditions.

LUMIMAN Candelabra Smart Light Bulbs

This is another smart light bulb that works really well for studying because of the amount of customization that it gives you.

This specific model has 16 million color combinations, and on top of that, you have the ability to dim every color so that it matches the brightness that you want.


  • Has a 5-Watt hours wattage rating
  • 6500 kelvins of color temperature
  • E12 bulb type

Also, its corresponding app allows you to control it whether you’re at home or not, and it can even create schedules for the lights to follow.

This would be great if you’re trying to create a habit of studying or working at a certain time; the change in lighting could subconsciously cause you to remember and start studying, and when it changes back you know you’re done.

Philips Smart Light Bar

This smart light is a light bar, which is basically an extended bulb that projects light in an ambient way. Light bars are great for some people because they don’t directly shine light at a single point; they instead project light in the surrounding area where the concentration is strongest at the center, but then it fades toward the edges.


  • 6.6 watts of power consumption
  • Has a voltage of 240 volts
  • Weighs 2.36 pounds

Light bars are great for creating a calm, relaxing environment for studying, and this light bar is very great because it has 16 million colors as well, again allowing you to customize your lighting condition.

It also has some preset modes for different moods, and it even has a timer functionality which would also help with studying at or for a certain time.

Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED Multicolor

The Sengled Smart WI-Fi Led light is reasonably priced and comes in many colors. This light is good for connecting directly to your wifi and can be controlled by your phone or voice.

It can work with Amazon, Alexa, and google. The light is user-friendly and good for mobile app users. It lets you schedule your lighting, and lets you know how much power you are using. The buttons at the top of your screen on the app allow you to control the on and off settings.

One great thing about this light is the variety of colors and brightness. The color quality is excellent and there are five white color temperature settings. These include cool, daylight, warm, soft, and white. It is simple to install and you will never miss your set schedule for the day.

This reasonably priced lighting has plenty of colors and options so you can customize it to your studying needs.

DeJAVU Recessed Smart Lights

Recessed smart lights are the most unique type of smart lights on this list that are not as commonly known as the other lights. It’s basically a round, flat bulb that’s meant to display light pointing down.So it’s meant to be used in only the main position, but that doesn’t mean it’s a great smart light option to use during studying.


  • Can go up to 1200 lumens of brightness
  • Can range from 2700 to 6500 kelvins of color temperature
  • 15 watts of power consumption
  • Lifetime of 20,000 hours

Its most powerful feature is its power rate of 15 watts, but it produces light that’s equivalent to 120 watts. It has a very wide beam angle meaning that its light would be able to cover a large area.

It also has the other qualities from this list that make it great for studying: it’s very versatile with 16 million colors as well, and you can change the brightness and color temperature.

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The Effect of Lighting on Studying

In order to understand which kind of smart lights would help your studying the most, you first need to understand what kind of role lighting can play during your study sessions.

Normally, people just think that any light that’s bright enough to read your book or papers is okay to use, so its effects can often be overlooked.

Eye strain is one of the biggest concerns you need to be aware of when studying with smart lights. Also  the lighting can impact your mood and attention levels, so making sure that you adjust it appropriately is crucial.

Let’s take a deeper look into these two aspects to understand the best way to use smart lights for studying.

Eye Strain

When you use your eyes to look at objects in different lighting environments, your pupils dilate in order to let in or block out more light for your eyes. When you try to read something in dim light, your pupils have to dilate more in order to let more light in, causing eye strain.

Pupil dilation every now and then is not a problem; humans naturally dilate their eyes often because of the various lighting situations we encounter in our daily lives.

The problem lies in continuous pupil dilation due to poor or dim lighting conditions, and that’s a fairly common problem for people who don’t think about their lighting when they study or read.

You can physically feel eye strain after you’ve been reading or studying in poor lighting conditions, but what often happens is that people will just attribute that feeling to the fact that they’ve been reading or studying for a while. They don’t realize it’s actually because of the dim light. 

Dim light has also been shown to contribute to the development of  Myopia, or more commonly known as nearsightedness, for the same reasons as it causes eye strain.

Extended eye strain with Myopia can also cause headaches, so it’s critical that you maintain good lighting conditions to take better care of your eyes.

Mental and Psychological Effects

Not only does lighting affect your physical health, but it can also impact you psychologically and mentally. To relate back to the previous topic, when your pupils are not excessively dilated, it can create a calmness for you to read and get your work done effectively. 

The main factors in lighting that can change the way you think and study are:

  • Brightness
  • Color
  • Saturation
  • Temperature
  • Direction

For example, the main two colors that have been known to have psychological impacts are blue and red. It’s been shown that red light can boost your melatonin levels and help you sleep, while blue light can disrupt your melatonin levels and may increase the risk of developing mood disorders like anxiety or depression.

On the other hand, purple light and orange light are great colors to use for studying. Purple light has been shown to reduce emotional and mental stress, and orange light to boost creativity.

With a lot of smart light models, you can even create your own color combination that gives you a better studying mindset.

The brightness and saturation of your smart lights can affect your emotions, and therefore can affect your studying. Brightness is how much physical light a source produces. It’s been shown that higher brightness can increase emotions, while lower will maintain them.

Saturation is the intensity of color. More intense colors can increase emotion, while less can suppress them.

Even the direction from which the light is being shown and its temperature can affect your emotions:

  • Tense
    • Direct light from above eye level
  • Relaxed
    • Overhead lighting that’s placed lower
    • Some light on the outsides of the room
    • Warmer light temperatures
  • Work Clarity
    • Bright light on working space
    • Less light on the outsides of the room
    • Cooler light temperatures

From this list, you can see that the ideal time to study would be during the evening, when less light is showing outside of your room and through the windows.

You can also see that your studying can be more effective if your smart lights are set at a cooler light temperature, and are brightly shining on your workspace.

Home Streamliner’s Take:

As you can see, there are a few different lights that are affordable and durable. Many lights come in the best bright-colored options. You can dim lights and adjust them according to your needs. Some lights offer different brightness settings depending on the activities you are doing throughout the day.

They connect to smart devices and you can change settings while studying either through a phone app or with voice commands.

One of the best lights is called Twinkly. This is an app-controlled set of LED string lights. This is a LED strip and you can position the lights however you would like. There are plenty of colors and length options. This light is perfect for studying because the strips are made flat with a flat head design. They can be san synchronize to smart devices to give more control.

LUMINAN Candelabra Smart light bulbs work well with studying because of plenty of customization options. There are over 16 million color combinations and dim lights in every color. You can adjust the brightness according to your needs and the app allows you to control the lighting at all times. Creating schedules will help you stay on task. It is great for creating routine study habits and atmospheres that will remind reminding you to start studying.

The DeJAVU Recessed Smart light is a very unique type of lighting. It has a round flat-bulb that displays the light pointing down. This light has a wide beam angle and can cover a large area with bright lighting. There are 16 million colors and the brightness and temperate can be easily changed. The lighting is convenient for studying.

Eye strain is a big problem for people when they are studying. Believe it or not, lighting can impact your mood or attention levels. It may be harder for people to read when they are in a dimmer light because of eye strain. Most people don’t think about lighting much when they are studying. Some factors of lighting are temperature, brightness, color, saturation, direction.

Make sure to choose the correct type of light and color combination while studying. You can create your own combination of lighting with many lights and lamps. Purple and orange are gray colors for studying and focusing. Different colors put you in different moods.

Different lights give plenty of different options. You can research and choose your light according to what you need. It is simple to change colors and dim the lights using mobile devices. Technology features are great for lighting and studying. These lights can help people focus better and get their work done.

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