Can I Control My LED Light Strips With My Phone?

LED light strips have become very popular in recent years. But now you may be wondering; can I control the LED light strips with my phone?

LED light strips can be controlled with a phone if they are plugged into a smart plug or if the manufacturer has created an app to allow the lights to be controlled. Most cheap LED light strips will not come with the smart technology that is required for them to be controlled with an app.

LED light strips are easy to install and control if you know what to do. Some models can certainly be controlled with phones, but others are more basic. To learn the difference, read below.

What are Smart LED Light Strips?

LED light strips are flexible circuit boards that are covered in small bulbs. They typically have a backing with adhesive material that helps them attach to various surfaces. LED light strips are typically used as accent lighting, backlighting, and decorative lighting. They are commonly found in the bedrooms of teenagers and young adults because they are somewhat trendy nowadays.

LED light strips are slightly more expensive than many other lighting options, but you can still find many options for a very low price. LED light strips are also very efficient and last for a very long time. However, you will not be able to replace any lights after they burn out, so after time the LED light strips will not look the same.

LED light strips range in price from $8-$230. The more expensive options typically are very long and cover a lot of space and come with the ability to be controlled with an app.

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How do I Control LED Light Strips With an App?

It is very easy to control LED light strips with an app if you’re using a compatible set of lights.

If you purchase smart LED light strips, then download the app that the instruction manual recommends to control the LED light strips. The app will then tell you how to connect the lights to the program and tell you how to control the various features of the LED light strips.

These features could include the ability to dim them, change the colors, and turn them on and off.

The process of connecting your LED light strips to your phone may vary depending on the app you use for your smart plug and the app that is meant to control the smart LED light strips.

If you have the LED light strips plugged into a smart plug, follow the directions below to control the light strips with an app:

  • Make sure that the plug is connected to your Wi-Fi.
  • Download the app that controls the smart plug.
  • Use the app to search for the LED light strips.
  • After the app has found the LED light strips, connect the lights to your app.

Now you can control the LED light strips with the app!

How do You Install LED Light Strips on Stairs?

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A common place to put LED light strips is along a flight of stairs because they look cool, and they provide light without being really bright, so people can walk up the stairs at night with the lights off and not trip while walking upstairs.

I do not recommend installing LED light strips on stairs with carpet because the lights could warm up and eventually burn or fade the surrounding carpet over time. This is a fire hazard, so it is best to install LED light strips on stairs with wood, stone, or concrete.

All LED light strips need a power source, and manufacturers may not recommend cutting your LED light strips.

The best place to put LED light strips, if you want to put them on stairs, is the underside of the stair-step’s overhang. That way, the LED light strips will shine downward onto the step it is hanging above, the light source is hidden, and no one is able to accidentally step on the LED light strips and get hurt.

How to install LED light strips on stairs:

  • Purchase LED light strips
  • Measure stair-step overhang or area on the step you want to place LED light strip
  • Measure LED light strip to a length of stair-step overhang
  • Carefully cut the LED light strips in between the LED bulb to fit on the stair-step overhang
  • Remove the material covering the adhesive backing
  • Place one end of the LED light strip on the underside of the stair-step overhang
  • Slowly press LED light strips to the stair-step overhang until the entire strip is attached to the overhang
  • Repeat this process on all of your stair steps until you are done.
  • Enjoy your LED-lit stairs!

If you want to attach LED light strips to stairs that do not have an overhang, attach them to the edge of the step where another step begins. Make sure that the LED light strips are facing down so you do not get blinded by the lights while walking on the stairs.

If the adhesive on the LED light strips begins to fail, purchase a gentle type of glue from the hardware store and glue the parts of the LED light strips that are coming off. This way someone can remove the LED light strips with minimal damage if they want to remove the lights in the future.

Home Streamliner’s Take

The future is bright for LED light strips. They are becoming more popular with teens and young adults because they can often change the color and brightness of the lights, and they are great ways to add ambiance to a room. As smart technology continues to improve and spread to more areas, the LED light strip controlling smart technology will improve, and we may be able to connect the LED light strips to music and make the colors change with the beat.

LED light strips will continue to grow in popularity. Maybe sometime in the future, LED light strips may be commonly used by adults to decorate their homes, as well as teenagers and young adults.

LED light strips are great for people who want to have a small amount of light in an area, decorate with LED lights, and want to add ambiance to a room or area. I think that it is great that we are now able to control LED light strips with apps on our phones.


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