How to Make Your Home Office More Inviting

When looking around in my home office and workspace, I often get the subconscious feeling of being overwhelmed. That feeling often causes me to be unproductive, manage my time poorly, and easily be distracted by unnecessary clutter.

“Why would I want to make my home office more inviting?” you might ask yourself. The chances are good that you’ll be spending more time in your home office for the foreseeable future. That is why you should make your home office as visually and mentally inviting as possible to reduce stress and improve efficiency.

This will enable you to enjoy your work more, manage your time more effectively and spend more of it with your family. What exactly should you do? Read further for more valuable info.

1. Organize your home office and get streamlined.

Home office organization may seem obvious, but it often gets overlooked because clutter accumulates too easily. The discipline to clean may also be lacking. To make it easier, consider installing a bookshelf and wall organizer that can hold containers or plastic storage boxes.

With a home office, the ideal solution to keeping your office space tidy is by creating your workspace as simply and efficiently as possible. You can also use cubicles, and appropriate furniture to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Finish every day by clearing out your desk. When you come in the next day, you will feel relieved and these little victories throughout every day will make your work life better.

How to Make Your Home Office More Inviting

2. Display your achievements and make yourself proud.

Another way to make yourself feel good, and your home office more mentally inviting, is to showcase your qualification degrees and any other awards that you have achieved throughout your professional career. Display them proudly against the main wall for everyone else, and especially you, to see. Use this display of accolades as a reminder to yourself that you are a hard worker, that you can do it, and that you love your job, which is why you live to do it every day.

You can also display your 3D printed or laser cut logo on the main wall of your office or hang up a big poster with a motivational quote, such as:


3. Use real plants to liven up your home office.

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing and making your home office more inviting, plants can also lift the spirits by adding natural aromas and much-needed oxygen to the room. Try to use plants that do not have to be watered as much, and do not need much maintenance.

4. Use smart lighting and lighting smart

Use soft lights and lamps that have a warmer color, but not too warm. You can control the warmth or color with smart light bulbs which can be connected to your phone or any controller unit. You can control every light bulb individually, setting it to turn on and off at certain times of the day. In that way, you will never have to think about it but can still enjoy the effects of optimized lighting.

You can also try to also use natural light, as it affects mood and productivity. If your budget allows for it, try to get smart curtains; these also allow the right amount of light in at the right time of the day. This can be used in conjunction with smart lights.

One obvious factor to consider is not placing your computer screen behind a window (as the window glare will strain your eyes) or on the opposite side of a window, as this will result in window glare reflections on your screen.

If you are lucky enough to have a nice view, place your desk right next to the window to utilize that privilege. Choose a place where the least number of external factors will distract you from your work and your focus.

The colors in your home office should not interfere with the colors on your computer screen, especially if you a designer. Remember, as a designer you always want your project colors to be presented to the client exactly as they are displayed on your screen.

5. Create enough space to move freely.

Try to use built-in storage as efficiently as possible. Home office equipment accumulates quickly and using clever storage techniques can effectively ease the burden of office equipment hoarding.

Place a storage box under your working desk if it is big enough. You can then use it to rest your legs on while working to improve blood circulation while sitting.

If you have too many documents and office equipment to store under your home office desk, it is a good idea to use the floor-to-ceiling storage shelves that utilize every inch of a wall. The shelves should ideally be built against a wall that is not visible from your workspace to avoid visual distraction.

One of the perks of the modern office is that almost any device can be used wirelessly. Therefore, you should get rid of unnecessary cables and go wireless. However, you will probably not be able to eliminate wires; try to use a cable organizer to organize cables and cords in your office. They can be found on Amazon or any hardware store near you.

6. Match the colors with your brand or home

Having chosen the right color for your workspace, you will create the perfect environment for writing, or a meeting to discuss a project.

If you represent your company on live video calls, it would be a good idea to use colors that are synonymous with your brand. Alternatively, you should use colors that you feel the most comfortable with or are based on your interests.

If you are happy with the look of your home in general, it would also be a good idea to keep the same look and feel in your home office. Another option is to use color-coded files and papers which will also help to keep your home office organized and more inviting.

7. Choose the right desk, chair, and computer screen.

Sitting is the new smoking. If you are prone to working long hours to meet critical deadlines, it places extra strain on your neck and shoulders. Consider getting a desk that can be converted into a standing desk as well.

Take a short break every 45 minutes. After doing a short interval workout, consider raising your workstation and standing for a short time while continuing with your work. Try to always keep the center of your screen at eye level, keeping your head raised and back straight.

If your work life requires that you stare at a computer screen for approximately 8 hours a day, you must invest in the right office equipment. You should not cheap out when choosing a good quality office chair or computer screen.

Choose the best office chair on the market; one that offers excellent lumbar support. Also, choose the best OLED computer screen that offers the highest frequency rate and will not strain your eyes.

This is an investment that you must make (even if it seems expensive now), as it is an investment in your future health as well. The more expensive computer equipment also looks more inviting and might even motivate you to work.

8. Adapt your home office to your business and personal needs.

Your home office will become more inviting if you match your business with your personality. You want to work in the most comfortable environment possible, so make sure that you adapt your home office to your personality.

If your home office is to be in a study, then your work surface should be a raised surface such as a desk which is placed within reach of any essential personal items. Take one of the sofas from the living room and place it next to your wall shelf if you want to take a longer break within the 45-minute interval.

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