Are Smart Kitchen Faucets Worth It? What You Should Know

Smart faucets have taken faucet technology to the next level. They let you open the tap without having to touch the handle. This is convenient, and can also make your home more hygienic. But they have a hefty price tag. So are they worth it? 

The technology that makes smart faucets smart is not yet developed to its full potential. Very often the apps or smart speakers controlling the faucets become disconnected. Dumb faucets with motion sensors work just as well, if not better. Until the software of smart faucets becomes better, they are not worth it. 

In this blog post, I discuss the pros and cons of smart faucets. I also compare them to dumb touchless faucets. Maybe you will find that you disagree with me after reading this article. Perhaps you do think that a smart faucet is worth it for your home. Keep reading to make your choice.

What Is A Smart Faucet?  

A smart faucet is a faucet that you can control remotely. You can use an app or a voice command (depending on the brand) to turn a smart faucet on or off. Some smart faucets can also dispense a specific amount of water based on a command. Smart faucets have distinct advantages and disadvantages. 

These advantages and disadvantages will be outlined in this article. 

Note that many smart faucets are also touchless, like the Moen U faucets. Others can be activated by touching them, like the Kohler faucets. But you can also buy these faucets without the smart function, which I think is a better idea.

Advantages of Smart FaucetsDisadvantages of Smart Faucets
They can be voice-controlled.They are expensive.
They can dispense specific water volumes.Often the software is disappointing.
They can track your water usage.They require power.

2 Advantages Of Smart Faucets 

Moen 5923EWSRS Align Motionsense Wave Sensor Touchless One-Handle High Arc Spring Pre-Rinse Pulldown Kitchen Faucet, Spot Resist Stainless
Smart faucets have some distinct advantages over dumb faucets.

1. Smart Faucets Can Be Controlled Remotely

This is a practical feature if you are on the other side of your kitchen and want the water to start running.

Faucets like the Moen U and the Kohler smart faucet can be linked to an app. You can use the app to turn the faucet on and off, control how much water it dispenses and set presets. 

Setting presets is practical for volumes of water that you dispense often. For example, you can set a preset for your dog’s water bowl, your baby’s bottle, your kettle, or your canteen. 

The Delta VoiceIQ smart faucets cannot connect to an app. An app hasn’t been developed for this. But you can use the Delta website to set presets. 

You can also link smart faucets like the Moen U, Kohler, and Delta VoiceIQ smart faucets to a smart speaker. All three of these brands are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

You can use voice commands to tell your smart speaker to turn the faucet on or off. 

You can also specify how much water should be dispensed. 

This decreases the need for measuring cups in the kitchen. 

The Moen U technology is even further advanced. It lets you specify the temperature at which the water is dispensed. 

For the following recipes, this is very practical. 

The Delta VoiceIQ faucets don’t have this feature, but they do have a warm-up feature. 

Moen 7864EVSRS Sleek Smart Touchless Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet with Voice Control and Power Boost, Spot Resist Stainless

2. You Can Track Your Water Usage With A Smart Faucet

You can use apps like the Moen Smart Water Network app and the Kohler app to track your water usage. 

The Delta website also lets you track your water usage through the Delta VoiceIQ faucets. 

This lets you identify where you may be using too much water. It is a very environmentally-friendly feature. 

The Moen U faucets can even measure the surrounding cabinet temperature. If it is too cold, the faucet will allow a little bit of water to trickle through the pipes to prevent freezing. 

The smart water faucets also have automatic shutoffs. For the Moen U, Delta VoiceIQ, and Kohler smart faucets the water will turn off after four minutes. This also helps to save water. 

3 Disadvantages Of Smart Faucets 

1. The Software For Smart Faucets Is Not Great (Yet)

Many customers complain that the smart apps used to control smart faucets are not good. Their ratings on the Google Play and Apple App stores are terrible. 

Generally, there seem to be problems with faucets disconnecting from the apps often. 

A smart device is only smart when its app works too. And a poor app can lead to many frustrations. 

The good news is that apps can be updated. And many of the smart faucets are still relatively new products. 

So if you do buy a smart faucet, you can hope that the brand updates the app in the future. 

2. Smart Faucets Are Very Expensive 

The cheapest smart faucets from Moen and Delta cost around $700. The Kohler smart faucets are even more expensive. 

You should note that these products are often much cheaper than other online stores. For example, browsing through Amazon for a few minutes will likely save you a few hundred dollars. So shopping around is worth it!

Note that Delta has produced a VoiceIQ Module that it sells separately. This module can be used to retrofit any  Delta® Touch2O® faucet manufactured after 01/01/2018. 

So if you already have one of these Delta faucets, the investment of around $150 in the module might be worth it. 

Delta Faucet Leland VoiceIQ Touchless Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Smart Faucet, Alexa and Google Assistant Voice Activated, Kitchen Sink Faucet, Arctic Stainless 9178TV-SP-DST

3. Smart Faucets Require Power To Function. 

Smart Faucets can be powered by either batteries or a power outlet. 

Some brands, like certain models of the Moen U range, can’t function without power. They won’t even function as a regular faucet. 

The Delta VoiceIQ faucets are powered by batteries. But the voice module requires an additional connection to a power outlet that doesn’t have a switch. 

If you don’t already have a power outlet under your sink, you will need to install them. This adds to the already hefty price of a smart faucet. 

Are Touchless Faucets Worth It? (Even If They Aren’t Smart).

It is possible to buy a dumb touchless faucet. Both Moen and Kohler produce these, for example. 

These touchless faucets have motion sensors. When you wave your hand in front of the sensor, you can turn the faucet on or off. 

Touchless faucets have some great advantages:

  • Touchless faucets improve hygiene in your home 

When your hands are dirty, you can turn the faucet on without touching it. This keeps the faucet clean and prevents the spread of bacteria and other germs. 

  • Touchless faucets are convenient 

If you are baking and your hands are full of dough, for example, a touchless faucet is very convenient. You can turn the faucet on without having to touch a handle. 

And afterward, you don’t need to clean the handle!

  • Touchless faucets may make life easier for little children

If you have a child that can’t turn the faucet on by the handle yet, a touchless faucet may help.

If they have an automatic shutoff, this is also practical if little humans live in your home. 

A problem may arise when your child is too short to reach the sensor. Search for a faucet where the sensor is lower down if you want your small children to use them. 

Kohler has produced faucets that are not touchless but respond to touch. You can touch the faucet anywhere and it will turn the water on or off. 

This could be better suited for little children. 

You can also touch the faucet with the back of your hand, your arm, or your forehead if your hands are dirty. 

Are Smart Touchless Faucets More Expensive than Dumb Touchless Faucets? 

For most brands, smart touchless faucets are more expensive than their dumb counterparts. 

But often the difference is not that big. Often the bigger price difference is between different faucet styles and finishes.

The fact is, even dumb touchless faucets can be quite expensive, depending on the brand. But you do also get cheaper options.  

Home Streamliner’s Take

I don’t think smart faucets are worth it at this stage. 

Firstly, the software isn’t up to scratch. 

Secondly, there is a lag of a few seconds between giving a voice command and your faucet dispensing water. 

And thirdly, how often are you really going to stand next to a smart faucet and ask it to dispense water? Especially if you can wave your hand at the sensor instead? 

Is a touchless faucet worth it? Absolutely. The advantages of convenience and hygiene make it worth installing in your home. 

But is a smart touchless faucet worth it? I don’t think so! 

Maybe I’ll change my mind when the apps are updated!


This blog aims to share my research and first-hand knowledge in a helpful way. My goal is for you to be able to save time and find happiness in a streamlined home.