Why Are My Smart Lights Offline? (Helpful Tips)

Are your smart lights offline? If so, then you have come to the right place! Smart lights can be offline due to a variety of reasons, and luckily, each problem has a pretty simple solution.

Smart lights are offline due to technological difficulties. These issues commonly include poor wi-fi signal strength, a power outage, or equipment failures. When smart lights will not come back online, do a factory reset. By doing so, it will allow the lights to reboot and reconnect to a device.

By reading below, you will discover why your smart lights are offline and exactly how to fix them.

How To Get Smart Bulbs Back Online

According to Feit Electric, there are a few reasons why smart bulbs are not online: It could be because you’re experiencing a power outage in your area, your internet has been disrupted, your light was manually switched off. You could also be dealing with software problems such as router issues, network/password changes, or technology updates that won’t connect to your specific bulb.

Before concluding that your smart lights are broken, you need to try all of the steps below. Most users have found that by completing the following steps, you will be able to fix the issue. The option that should be done last is a factory reset.

This is because factory resets require more steps than the above options, and they are a hassle to do. If the other options do not work, then the factory reset will most likely fix the problem.

  • Ensure your Wi-Fi router is online and in range
  • Turn off the lights and wait thirty seconds to turn them back on
  • Reset the device your lights are connected to
  • Hard close the app being used to control the lights
  • Reset all of the smart bulbs in your home, even if some of them are working
  • Do a factory reset

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How To Reset a Smart Light Bulb

One of the reasons your smart lights may not be working is because they are in need of a factory reset. There is not always a specific reason for this, as technology just sometimes needs a reboot. The steps for resetting smart light bulbs depend on the kind of smart lights you use.

You will need to check for your particular brand for detailed instructions. However, they are all fairly similar, so the guide below should help. The only thing that differs between brands is the time increments.

Step one

The first step is to make sure the lights are off. Ensure that they have been off for at least five seconds.

Step two

Turn the lights on for one second.

Step three

Turn the lights off for one second.

Step four

Repeat this process three times. The light will begin blinking if it has been reset and is once again ready for setup.

Depending on the type of smart lights you use, you may need to modify how long you turn the lights on and off, as well as how many times the steps need to be repeated.

Why Your Lights Will Not Connect To Wi-Fi

If your smart lights will not connect to your Wi-Fi and there is no underlying reason, it could be because of poor signal strength. If this is the case, then not much can be done about it except for improving the signal your router gives off.

If there is not a poor signal, then there may be other issues revolving around your smart lights and the wi-fi. Follow the steps below to reconnect your lights to the wi-fi.

Step one

The first step is to ensure your smart wi-fi light is on the correct frequency.

Step two

The second step is to ensure your smartphone is not using a VPN application.

Step three

The third step is to ensure you are entering your wi-fi password correctly. You would be surprised to know how many people think there is an underlying issue only to realize they are entering their complex passwords incorrectly.

Step four

The fourth step is to ensure the light is blinking, as this indicates it is ready to be set up. If it is not blinking, then you will need to follow the steps above that describe how to do a factory reset, as this will allow the lights to be ready for setup.

Why is My Switchmate Not Working?

If your phone is not connecting to your Switchmate

If your phone is unable to connect to your Switchmate, there are things that can be done. In order to get your phone to connect, you will first want to try resetting your Switchmate.

To do so, you will want to remove the batteries and then reinstall them. If this does not work, then the issue most likely has to do with your phone.

To fix your phone, you will want to try reinstalling the app you are trying to use. If this does not work, then you will want to disconnect your Bluetooth and reconnect it again. If your phone still is not connecting, then you will want to turn off your phone.

The welcome feature is not working

If your welcome feature is not working it is likely because the Switchmate is in the “on” position. If this is the case you will want to turn it to “off”. When the Switchmate is on, the feature will not work.

Many users find this surprising as they think the feature will not work if it is in the off position.

Home Streamliner’s Take

Smart lights are the future. They allow for creativity through their surprising degree of control. There are many things that can be done with smart lights, including changing the color, brightness, and programming them to act as a security device. There are many purposes for smart lights, and users are becoming increasingly aware of this.

Although there are some technical issues revolving around smart lights, such as them being offline, it is expected that this will soon change.

There are engineers around the world constantly working to improve smart lights. The issues that smart lights have can typically be fixed with a little extra work, and it will be worth the effort.

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