Are Smart Smoke Detectors Worth It? How To Decide

It seems technology is everywhere these days, from light fixtures to thermostats even to smoke detectors. There are so many products that can be controlled with your phone. Why not control and be notified by something that’s even more important. With a smart smoke detector, you can do just that. 

Smart smoke detectors are worth their price. They can be found in many price levels and can calm the nerves of someone who travels often. With a simple smartphone, you will be at ease when you are away from home. They will also notify you of the room and the cause of the alarm going off.

Something that seems silly or straightforward can save lives. In a world full of technology, some people may think things have gone too far.

Smart smoke detectors are one use of technology that will and has saved many lives. There is a wide variety of smart smoke detectors. Read on to find out if they will be worth it for your home.

Advantages of Smart Smoke Detectors 

Smart smoke detectors and traditional detectors both alert you in the event of a fire or smoke. They also have a few differences that may make them the right fit for some homes but not others.

Let’s look at some things you should take into consideration before spending money on a new smart smoke detector.

Home Size Variation Counts Toward Effectiveness

Not only will you be notified on a device of your choice when the smart alarm goes off, but all of the alarms in the house will be linked together.

This is exceptionally beneficial if you live in a larger home. Even when you live in a house with smaller square footage, it can be hard to hear some alarms when you:

  • Have an ac or fan on in your room.
  • Have a T.V. or radio turned on.
  • Are a heavy sleeper.
  • The baby is crying.

Smoke detectors give you the best chance to safely get you and anyone else in the home out of the house. You don’t want to be unable to hear an alarm going off and waste precious time to escape or put out a minor fire. Unlike a traditional smoke detector that sets up the specific unit in that area, the smart smoke detectors all link together. 

If one smart smoke detector goes off, it can be set to: “all go off.” Some smart smoke detectors will even tell you the location where the original alarm went off. This gives you time to act and get you and your family to safety away from the fire.

What if You’re Working Outside Of The Home

The fear of pulling up to your home and seeing firetrucks will never need to cross your mind. When the smart smoke detector is triggered, it not only makes them all go off, but it will also alert your device of choice so you can take action no matter where you are. 

Some people have pets in the home or children who get home before they do. These smart detectors can give you even more peace of mind. 

How Smart Smoke Detectors Help Those Who Travel A Lot

It is a very different situation if you are at work knowing you will be home soon than when you are out of town. Many travelers have anxiety about leaving their homes. Having smart smoke detectors along with an alarm system would ultimately cut out the need to worry. 

Smart smoke detectors can notify you and the local fire department when there is smoke or fire. This is a massive benefit of having smoke detectors in your home.

Let’s Define “Affordability”

To safely blanket a home with enough smart smoke detectors, the price tag may seem overwhelming. It may seem a little odd to spend over $50 on one device when you can buy a traditional version for under $10 in some stores.

They can be a little pricey, so it is up to you and your home’s needs if you will benefit from buying a few. Smoke detectors should be placed in every room.

Every part of the home needs to have an installed smoke detector to be fully protected. If you want a smart detector, you can always slowly buy them to convert your whole home from the older versions.

Buying one smart detector a month isn’t as bad as spending $1,000 at one time. Detecting smoke early is the best way to safely get out of a home and potentially even stop the home from being a total loss. Something you truly can put a price on.

Differences: Smart And Traditional Smoke Detectors

For the most part, both products will detect smoke and fire then make a sound. When you dig a little deeper, you can see there are a few differences between the two models.

  • Traditional Smoke Detectors:
    • Can be found complimentary at some fire departments or under $20 at most stores/online
    • The battery needs replaced twice a year on some models, while other models need to be entirely replaced when the battery dies.
    • You can only disable it during a false alarm by pressing a button. This can be a little frustrating when it is up higher on the wall or a very high ceiling. Fanning the detector with a towel and climbing on chairs can just be an all-around circus.
  • Smart Smoke Detectors:
    • They are a little pricier at about $30 to $250. 
    • Typically have around a five-year battery life that is replaceable
    • They can be linked together to have your home fully blanketed in protection while being able to hear the alarm from anywhere in the home.
    • If you accidentally burn something in the oven, it will not be a circus anymore. Simply get your phone out and tap a button in the app to cancel the alert. Simple as that.

Will Smart Smoke Detectors Work Without Wi-Fi?

Your smart smoke detectors will need to be hooked up to your Wi-Fi to be able to notify you on your phone while you are away.

Thankfully, they still work like normal even if the Wi-Fi goes down. They will still be linked together and go off when they detect smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide.

Where Do You Find Smart Smoke Detectors?

It is essential to mention that not all smart smoke detectors are created equally. Some cannot detect as quickly or as much as a traditional smoke detector.

Let’s look at some decently priced smart detectors that detect the same or better than a traditional detector.

Google’s Nest Smart Detector System

The Google Nest is a commonly known smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector. It can speak to you if it starts to detect smoke or carbon monoxide. They almost always run around $100 and can notify you wherever you are if there is an emergency. 

The smart sensors inside can even tell the difference between a fast-burning or smoldering fire. The smoke detector will also tell you exactly where the emergency is. There is also no need to worry about a dead battery.

Nests nightly promise notifies you that there is more than enough power to make it through the night. It will never chirp but instead will notify you of a low battery in the easy-to-use app.

First Alert’s Benefits

These can interlink with each other in your home. They can also track carbon monoxide levels and notify you via Wi-Fi of any emergencies.

You can use the easy-to-use app to track battery levels and carbon monoxide levels. In the event of an emergency, it will notify you not only where fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide emergency is coming from, but it will tell you the exact issue. 

This alarm even works with Alexa and Alexa-enabled devices. It is a little pricey at over $200 per device, though. The First Alert can link with other smart smoke detectors even if they aren’t the same brand. 

Wrapping It Up: Smart Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors have come a long way, thankfully. Homes are now given the ability to be as safe as they can be.

As smart smoke detectors become more popular, more lives will be saved. While smart detectors do cost more than a traditional smoke alarm, they bring a whole extra level of protection to your home.


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