What Exactly Do Smart Toilets Do? Info Dump

Smart Toilets have revolutionized the bowel movement experience. Many people do not have the slightest idea what a smart toilet could offer other than the conventional experience. But the features and functionalities of the modern intelligent toilet might surprise you.

Smart toilets provide a completely touch-free and hygienic bathroom experience. They have automated systems that eliminate the need to ever open or close the lids. The toilet will water-rinse, clean and air dry you afterwards. It will also thorough-clean, sanitize and deodorize itself after use.

We have compiled a list of the most important and interesting functions smart toilets have to offer. If you want to find out more we invite you to keep on reading.

Automatic Lids and Toilet Seats.

Smart toilets have sensors to detect your movement and will auto lift the lids once you approach them. The automatic lids will open upon anticipating your arrival with preheated seats ready for your descent. After having done your business you can walk away, and the lids will automatically shut.

Being a favorite feature in the industry, this alone might make it worth the money. This will at least avoid any future arguments with your significant other.

Pre-mist of the toilet bowl.

A pre-mist will wet the bowl when sitting down which prevents anything from sticking to it. It prevents any matter from adhering when the bowl is dry, and it helps to keep the bowl clean afterward for you to have less cleaning to do. It is 80% more effective than a dry bowl. It keeps everything clean without harsh chemicals.

Pre-Heated Toilet Seats.

During the winter months, freezing toilet seats are an unpleasant chill on the butt cheeks when sitting down.

Most smart toilet manufacturers have thought of this and have built-in automatic preheated seats. This feature eliminates the morning unpleasantness.  

They also work together with the sensors that detect your movement. After having used the toilet for a few months the system will figure the most effective times to preheat the toilet seats.

Your device will certainly have an energy-saving mode like your smart TV which is only activated when in use. Most manufacturers also have built-in functions to fit your needs. 

Deodorizer and air purifier.

You will never have to touch or buy air purifiers again. When you sit on the toilet the automatic deodorizer activates. You will hear the air purifier switch on whereby the air will get sucked through a carbon filter.

It works by drawing the air around the toilet into a powerful carbonized iron filter to eliminate unpleasant odours. The automatic air deodorizer will then turn off about 2 minutes after you have left.

Bidet (Butt Shower) With Pulsating Sprays.

This is certainly one of the most interesting features of many smart toilets. A water shower (Bidet) will be used to clean you when you are done. It almost looks like an upside-down shower head. The Bidet will only come out when you are ready for it.

It is coated with a special silicon alloy which makes it both anti-bacterial and extremely resistant to dirt. It is basically non-stick when wet. Using sanitizing UV lights and water, the bidet will be cleaned from top to bottom before, during and after use. No need to worry about germs.

Many Bidets use 3 types of jets: Rear, Soft Rear and Front. 5 Different pressures and Bidet positions can be set with a choice of various spraying techniques.

The water spray will also be heated and there are three types of settings you can adjust as you would like. An oscillating spray can also be selected to cover a large area. The Bidet jet uses precise angles to allow for thorough cleansing without unnecessary splashing. 

Electrolyzed water after mists.

The Bidet has another feature for women whereby it can be adjusted and set for a front cleanse. As opposed to a normal rear cleanse, the pressure is lighter, and water comes out of a finer nozzle.

Spa Feature.

If you have enough time and feel the need to relax, many units have an additional spa feature that can massage your behind. The bidet can reciprocate between water temperatures and pressures according to your liking.

Although many people frown upon this at first, it is quite under-estimated and can help you to reduce stress.

Smart Toilet Air Dryer Function.

After you have used the Bidet, the time has come for another spa treatment which is the dryer. While many smart toilets have additional air-drying vents the Bidet is mainly used on most.

The bidet and other air vents will gently dry you with the preset temperatures from the remote control. Once adjusted it will give you a nice and dry overall clean feeling. It can take a minute or two to completely dry.

Auto Flush.

The toilet has sensors to know when you get up and will automatically flush using this efficient flushing system. The best perk is that you never have to manually flush, pull down levers or press buttons which is very hygienic.

If you are still sitting and would like to flush while sitting it can also be flushed by sensing the wave of your hand in front of the sensor.

To save as much water as possible most smart toilet have a flusher with a 3-stage flush system. The best one is the centrifugal flush which is like a tornado flush. Many smart toilets use the following flushing techniques:

  • Induction flush – In this function, the water being flushed is in-line, and can detect whether water is being wasted or not.
  • Automatic flush – In this function, the water being flushed is based on a pre-set limit.


With all these inquisitive flushing sensors the device will obviously be able to sense when the bowl is clogged. It will stop the toilet from flushing before it is too late by keeping the water level low. It will save you from hours of cleaning. It will certainly help if you have naughty kids.

Smart Toilet Can Save Water.

  • Low pressure water supply can save 35% of the water compared to the standard water supply. This function requires more maintenance compared to the other functions.
  • Water saving – This function can save 50% of the water compared to the manual flush function. In this case, the water supply is not interrupted even when no user is using the toilet. It saves all the water saved in the storage tank.
  • Smart Toilets use sensors that detect whether water is being wasted.

Light for night-time convenience.

Another immensely helpful and useful perk is the ability to set a night light for night-time convenience.

It is often very inconvenient to find the toilet in the dark without having to fumble and wake the entire household. Therefore, a night light can be set to automatically switch on using sensors or set to switch on at chosen times.

Different light colours can be set with many different light strengths. It is also helpful in the sense that it will not illuminate the entire room but only enough for you to find it in the middle of the night.

Biometrics, Smart toilet urine analysis and the Internet of Things in Healthcare.

A sector that is on the rise is smart toilet health where toilets of the future will do a smart toilet urine analysis scan and analyse human waste in detail for faster detection of various diseases.

Stanford University recently introduced a new type of smart toilet fitted with the technology that automatically scans urine and faeces for possible signs of disease.

The medical smart toilet can detect different types of cancer and can be installed relatively easily on an existing toilet and adapts to the inside of the bowl.

Related Questions

How do you flush a smart toilet?

The whole point of a smart toilet when it comes to flushing is almost not having to do anything yourself. When the settings have been pre-set, the toilet will automatically flush by using its vast array of sensors. You can also use your hand and wave it in front of the bottom sensor to activate a manual flush.

Are smart toilets worth the money?

  • If you reduce your toilet paper consumption by 75% most smart toilets will pay for themselves in 3 years.
  • You will save an extraordinary amount of money by using less water. (Depending on your flushing settings)
  • The whole family will be healthier your home will be more hygiene friendly. You will not have to buy as much medicine and save on trips to the doctor.
  • You will save on cleaning products as the toilets clean themselves.

Which smart toilets offer the best value for money?

The best smart toilet that offers the best value for money is the Toto Washlet. Toto is the Gold Standard, and their simplest model has most of the features that one can hope for.

Another value for money item is the Swan Munich – $1 500.

Best on the market:

In Summary, What Are the Advantages of Smart Toilets?

  • They leave behind a completely clean toilet every time.
  • They clean themselves. No need to ever clean.
  • Good for the environment.
  • Save costs.
  • Save Water.
  • No need for toilet paper.
  • Lower water consumption.
  • Lead to a hygienic home and life.
  • Prevents toilet from overflowing.
  • A medical smart toilet could diagnose health problems and diseases.

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