What is a Smart Lamp? All The Basics Explained

Recently, smart lamps have grown immensely popular. Smart lamps are quickly becoming the biggest item in home automation and users enjoy their smart lamps as they allow for greater degrees of control when it comes to color warmth and small adjustments. Smart lamps have many uses and can be programmed to do just about anything you could think of.

A smart lamp is a type of technology that connects to a device to be controlled remotely. A smart bulb can be connected to a lamp & can be programmed to directly change its output. Smart lamps can be used to remotely control the color & brightness as well as programming it to become a safety device.

Smart lamps can be controlled remotely on nearly any device. They can be controlled from your smartphone, smartwatch, or home assistant. Many smart lights can even be activated just by your voice. Smart lamps no longer need light switches and they allow for more options when it comes to color and brightness. Lamps no longer have one purpose, and that is evident with smart lamps. Keep reading below to discover everything you need to know about smart lamps!

Are They Safe?

Many individuals wonder if smart lamps are safe to use. Are the stories about home hackers true? Can all of your personal information be stolen?

The truth is, there are some issues regarding the safety of smart lamps. They do have security issues that can lead to sensitive data being leaked. However, they are overall safe to use.

Studies have proven that individuals can hack into your smart bulb and steal personal information. However, the same can be done with your phone or computer. Smart bulbs pose no more of a risk than any of your other devices.

One issue which was mentioned in TechTarget, occurred when network passwords were able to be obtained if someone was within a thirty-meter distance of the bulb. It is advisable that when purchasing a smart bulb for your lamp, you ensure you are purchasing one that is known for its security. Purchase one that runs on its own network and do not buy one that allows access to sensitive data.

The good news is, smart lamps are not a fire hazard. The energy from a smart bulb is aimed at producing light rather than heat, which makes their fire-starting ability extremely low.

Companies are constantly improving the security of their smart bulbs. Even so, there is still much that needs to be done regarding their security. In the meantime, you can be rest assured knowing that your smart lamp is no more dangerous than your smartphone.

How Do They Work?

To put it simply, smart lamps work by connecting to a device and they remove the need for wall switches. You can make any lamp a smart one when you connect a smart bulb to it. As long as you find a smart bulb that will fit your lamp, you can turn it into a smart lamp.

With regular lamps, your only options are to turn them on or off. There is no way to dim or lower the lighting without having them be completely off. With smart lamps, however, there are multiple options you can choose from.

You can change the brightness or the color just by using your smartphone. Many users enjoy the amenities of their smart lamp without ever understanding how it works. Below, you will discover exactly how a smart lamp operates.

One of the most common ways of making smart lamps work is by using Zigbee. Zigbee is a worldwide standard that is used to send signals,

The smart bulbs you purchase for your lamp can connect the Zigbee signals to Wi-Fi network signals, making wireless devices capable of controlling the lamp. These bulbs can be programmed to directly change the output, which is what allows for creativity.

What Can I Do With My Smart Lights?

With smart lights, you can do almost anything you can think of. Smart lights are commonly used because users enjoy their multiple color options. However, there are even more options available than you can think of.

The first thing you can do is of course customize your smart lights to do anything imaginable. You can choose from dozens of color options and you can also change the brightness. Although almost every user knows about being able to change the color and brightness of their lights, there are many things that they are surprised about. There are many non-obvious options available when you purchase smart lights!

The second thing you can do is program your smart lights to be a type of security. Program your lights to detect motion or sound, and they will light up hopefully scaring an intruder.

The third thing you can do is connect your personal weather station to your smart lights. You can program your lights to change depending on what is needed based on the weather. Many people enjoy this, as there are many things you can do to customize the lighting.

The fourth thing you can do is program your lights to help you wake up early in the morning. All you need to do is program your lights to slowly brighten, which imitates the sunrise. This hack is perfect if you need to wake up before the sun comes up.

It will trick your body into waking up and you will be able to get up much easier than you could without them.

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Home Streamliner’s Take

The future holds great things for smart lamps. It will not be surprising if all lamps become smart lamps in the near future. They are currently one of the hottest items in home automation and it will only grow from here.

With smart lamps, anything is possible. There seem to be no limits for what these lamps are capable of, and nobody ever predicted this. The success that comes from smart lamps is shocking, and there is even more success to come.

While there are some security issues that need to be fixed, there is no doubt that they eventually will be. Once the security breaches are improved, smart lamps will be unstoppable.

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