13 Best Smart Lamps for Living Rooms – We Found Them

Smart lamps are a functional way to upgrade your home. With the ability to use your voice or phone to change their settings, they can make your day more convenient.

Even if technology does not match your aesthetic, you can find great smart lamps that match the look of your home. These lamps are sleek and functional, giving every living room an upgrade.

There is an overwhelming number of options on the market for smart lamps, but here you will find the top-rated smart lamps across the internet.

Read on to learn more about 13 of the best smart lamps to use in your living room. Check out the features these lamps have to see which one is right for you. 

1. The Hugoai Smart Lamp

The Hugoai Smart Lamp is perfect for use in a large family home. This lamp is affordable, antistatic, and durable, with toy-grade plastic. This lamp will connect to your Wi-Fi and smartphone for remote use, and you can connect it to any of your smart home devices, like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and you can control it with your voice.

You can choose between a crisp white or warm glow for this lamp, along with millions of other hues. This lamp works anywhere in the home, and it is popularly used in:

  • Nurseries
  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms

The bright light options can wake you up in the morning, and the lower options can help you relax and fall asleep.  

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This lamp has a lot of options to create the right ambiance. The light is dimmable, so the lamp can glow at three to 100 percent brightness, and the colors help set a mood. Because it is a smart lamp, you can change the settings with your voice or phone from anywhere in your home.

2. The Amazon Echo Glow

If you are an Amazon Alexa owner, then the Echo Glow is a great addition to your smart home. This device pairs with your Amazon devices to work as a smart lamp, requiring very little setup or maintenance. You can use the lamp with just your voice and Alexa app.

This lamp has unique features, like:

  • Lighting cues
  • Rainbow timer
  • Dance parties

This lamp is great if you are looking for a device that helps you keep track of time and stick to routines. You can set lighting cues in the home to let flash when you need to leave for work. You can use the rainbow timer to keep track of time based on the color flashing, or you can blow off steam by asking Alexa to throw a colorful dance party.

This lamp is not only chic and functional but it also can be incorporated into your routine and family. You can easily explore all of the modes and options this lamp offers by giving a command to Alexa.

3. Aukey Table Lamp

The Aukey Table Lamp takes smart lamps back to basics by allowing remote changes from your device and simple tap settings. The base of this lamp also controls the lamp’s power and brightness, so you can simply tap the lamp to turn it off instead of opening your phone. 

This lamp can also travel in and out of the home. The built-in battery can last up to 15 hours, so you can bring the lamp camping or carry it to light a dark hall at night. You do not have to worry about it drawing extra electricity by being able to turn it on without it being plugged in. 

Like other smart lamps, you can change the color of this lamp to match your mood or time of day. The Aukey lamp, however, can change colors with a long touch to the base, so you can easily cycle through colors without your phone readily available. 

4. HDTIME Desk Lamp

The adjustable HDTIME Desk Lamp changes to fit your work and play needs. Not only is this lamp smart because it connects to your smart devices, but it provides wireless and USB charging for your phone. You can also change the light settings for when you want to work or study.

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You can control this lamp through the app or by using your finger on the touch controls. By changing the position of the light, you can have task, feature, direct, or ambient light in your living room to meet your needs. This luxurious lamp has been engineered to match your light levels and personal use to reduce eye strain.  

You can move the arm and head of the lamp based on how you want to use it. This lamp is adaptable to your space, and it even declutters your desk with USB ports. This lamp is a modern touch to your home and workspace. 

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5. Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition

If expression is important to your home, then the unique and original Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition panels are the smart lights for your home.

This light is different from other smart lamps because it has features like: 

  • Wall-mounted panels
  • Futuristic design
  • Gorgeous light displays

This light is best for people who are interested in having their homes match the ambiance of their video games and movies. These panels are LED lights that connect to each other on the wall.

The design is futuristic and completely unlike other smart lights.

This light is most compatible with Apple HomeKit, but the company is expanding the devices these lights can connect to. You can control creative color and light displays on your wall from your iPhone. The microphone in these panels can adapt to the music or games playing to have a synchronized display. 

These lights come in triangles, squares, and hexagons, and they will help cultivate the right mood and feeling in your living room as a creative light display. As wall pieces, they are sure to make a statement, especially once they are in action. 

6. Govee Smart LED Light Bars

For a statement piece that lights up your living room, the Govee Smart LED Light Bars are the perfect addition to your home.

This lamp is designed to sync with the media in your living room to add colors and lights to build the ambiance, and you can rest it on a table or hang it on your wall. Some of the unique features of this smart lamp are:

  • Bar shape
  • Sleek, colorful lighting
  • Camera to detect colors

This lamp comes in bars to hang around your media center or use as lamps, and it is a great way to immerse yourself in your music when you sync it with your TV or phone. The lights are customizable, with options for multiple colors, synchronized lights, or preset modes.

The lamp is smart, so you can control the colors and lights easily with your phone. It also comes with a camera to detect the colors on your TV during movies so that it can match the screen.

This is a great addition to your living room experience because these light bars immerse you in your media while illuminating your room.

7. Outon Floor Lamp

The Outon Floor Lamp is a functional and discreet lamp for your living room.

For smart features, this lamp is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa hubs, so you can turn it on or off with your voice or the built-in chain. Some of the best features of this smart lamp are:

  • Wood color options
  • Linen shade
  • Shelves

This lamp has options for a wood color, allowing you to match your space. It comes in black, walnut, or light wood, so it does not look like technology. The linen shade filters the light well and protects your eyes. This lamp is great if you want the option of smart features with the look of a regular lamp.

One of the best features of this lamp is the built-in shelves. With three shelves to place and display your belongings, this lamp will be a beautiful and functional part of your living room.  

8. Divoom Planet-9 Smart Mood Lamp

The Divoom Planet-9 Smart Mood Lamp is a space-inspired functional accent piece.

It is battery-operated and portable, so you can use it throughout your home. The lamp is small enough to fit anywhere, but the bright light can illuminate an entire room. The app for this lamp offers 16 million cool and warm shades to customize and display. 

This lamp is popular with people who play video games because of its shape and lighting patterns. It functions as a regular lamp, but with its built-in microphone, it can light up to your music or games to intensify the mood. Its small but mighty shape can create incredible displays that are synchronized to your media. 

You can also set timers and alarms on the light through the app. Whether you want it to light up to wake you in the morning or shut off to signal bedtime in the evening, this lamp is customizable to your home. 

9. Meross Dimmable WiFi Smart Table Lamp

The Meross smart table lamp is a lamp that was designed to work specifically with Apple’s HomeKit.

It works seamlessly with other accessories in the kit to keep your living room lit as well as alert you to certain events through programmable functions.

However, you do not need to be an Apple HomeKit user to utilize this smart lamp, as it is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well. 

Since there is no need for a hub, you can simply set this lamp up and control it from your phone with ease. You can also control it using just your voice, or, you can change its colors or dim its brightness through touch using the lamp’s touchpad. This lamp is multifunctional thanks to its vast color spectrum and dimming settings. 

  • Use it for work using its bright, cool white light. 
  • Get your children ready for bed using its dim, warm light.
  • Enjoy a fun night with friends with color-changing lights.

At about eight inches tall and four inches wide, this light is easy to manage and set up anywhere in your living room. It is not bulky or cumbersome, so you can set multiple Meross lamps up without cluttering up your living space.

10. EZVALO Smart LED Desk Lamp

The EZVALO Smart LED desk lamp is perfect for people who enjoy using their living room as a cozy reading space.

For those who work at home utilizing space in the living room, there is no better lamp to use for working and reading alike.

This desk lamp has an incredibly unique design. When it is not in use, it folds in on itself and stands straight up in a vertical line, taking up very little space. However, in order to use the lamp, all you have to do is unfold the lamp and swivel it to your preferred position. 

Smart functions of this app include:

  • Motion sensors that automatically turn the light on or off depending if someone is nearby using the lamp or if it is no longer needed.
  • Intelligent dimmer function utilizing AI capabilities.
  • App connection for control via phone.

Because this lamp does not utilize blue light, it is easy on the eyes, which is great for those who enjoy reading in a cozy recliner before bed, and for those who work late hours but do not want to risk eye strain.

11. Hakkatronics Dimmable Standing Floor Lamp

Unlike other lamps on this list, the Hakkatronics dimmable lamp is not a table lamp.

It is actually a floor lamp, so it can be used as your living room’s main source of light if needed. It is sleek, stylish, and easy to install, so there is no downside to using this lamp in your living room. 

Another characteristic that sets this lamp apart is that the included bulbs are what determines the type of light you will receive from this lamp. However, the lamp itself is considered a smart lamp because it is part of the smart system.

There is a proprietary app, bulbs, and remote, that allow users to choose between 16 dimmable colors, cool and warm. This lamp light can even be programmed to “dance” along to music. 

In order to program this smart lamp to function with Amazon Alexa or other smart home systems, it will require a hub. 

12. ECOLOR Smart Table Lamp

Unlike any conventional table lamp, you will find for your living room, the ECOLOR smart table lamp is a funky option perfect for those who want to brighten up their living space while adding charm and personality.

This smart lamp is shaped like a crescent moon. While it is popular with kids and perfect for bedside nightstands, it works great in living rooms that see a lot of activity as well.

  • The lamp has millions of different color choices you can choose from your phone. 
  • You can pick from 10 different “scenes,” including rainbow, sunset, and ocean.
  • Break down the preprogrammed color scenes further to suit your mood.
  • Sync the lamp to your favorite songs for an immersive experience. 
  • Create mood lighting based on photos from your phone’s gallery.

The ECOLOR lamp can be controlled through a smartphone app, buttons on the lamp itself, and light touch. 

While this lamp is a great option for kids, it is also fantastic for anyone who is looking for a multifunctional smart lamp and enjoys unique decor.

13. Best Overall Smart Lamp: Philips Hue Bloom

The Phillips Hue Bloom table lamp is the most popular top-rated smart lamp. This lamp is in the brand’s Hue line, which means it offers a variety of colorful lights from one lamp.

The compact size of the lamp makes it perfect for a desk or side table, and you can even place it behind your TV to let the colors glow.

This lamp is compatible with Bluetooth devices, so you can control the light with the Philips Hue Bluetooth app.

You do not need a hub for this lamp, but adding a hub expands its uses, like being able to change and schedule the light remotely. With a hub, you can control 50 of these lights in your home. 

What Makes the Hue Bloom Table Lamp the Best?

From your phone or hub, this smart lamp can set the mood for your room at the touch of a button. This lamp is popular and highly rated because of all it offers. Some of the most popular features for this lamp are:

  • Multiple color settings.
  • Affordable and compact.
  • Syncs easily with other devices.

This lamp boasts being able to display 16 million different colors. When connected to a hub, you can sync the light to your TV, making movies and gaming even more immersive.

All of these features come in a small smart lamp that is $70. You can easily fit this lamp anywhere in your home for a touch of light and color. 

This device connects to your smartphone with the compatible app, so you do not need to have any other hubs or devices to make this lamp work.

Once you do have a hub, you unlock the extra features of the lamp, like setting a schedule for the light or syncing it to your TV. 



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